Adhesive for AAC blocks

Excellent Adhesion between two blocks


Adhesive for AAC blocks is widely being used at construction sites. It is prepared by using high quality raw material which include polymers, cement and graded sand. Adhesive for AAC blocks is manufactured to use with water. After using water, it produces a thixotropic mortar which is used to lay fly ash bricks, cellular concrete blocks etc. Adhesive for AAC blocks is prepared in factory under expert’s supervision. Fine quality graded sand brings amazing grip to the blocks and blocks to surface.

It works on many substrates and to get a better result, make sure that the substrate is free from oil, dust, paint or any other impurity. Mixing of adhesive for AAC blocks in a good proportion can also give the best results. It is considered as a long lasting product as it is well known to create an excellent adhesion between two blocks. Adhesive for AAC blocks is basically known to prepare a thin bed mortar for blocks.

It is a very convenient option to choose for faster the construction. Adhesive for AAC blocks doesn’t interrupt the mounting of blocks. Adhesive for AAC blocks provides good coverage according to surface conditions and also gives fabulous finish and smoothness to the surface. Adhesive for AAC blocks is manufactured according to the required norms and standards. It minimizes the seepage and shrinkage. It is an eco-friendly product too.


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