Application Techniques for Wall Putty

Application of Wall Putty


Wall putty is widely being used at construction sites as it is well known for bringing evenness and smoothness to the walls. Wall putty can be applied before painting on walls. The most important question arises here is, How to Apply Wall putty? For exceptional results, it is very important to know the wall putty application techniques carefully.

Wall putty mixture should be prepared according to the instructions and with required thickness. Very first step to start the application of wall putty is to clean the surface of old paint, wallpapers or any contaminants. Wall putty can solve the issues of unevenness on wall’s surface. It should be applied evenly and smoothly to the surface. Firstly, wall putty should be used at large cracks.

And after that, we should not apply a new layer until the surface is dry properly. Putty can be used in many layers according to the unevenness on surface. Several coats of wall putty ensure the smoothness of wall surface. Sandpaper is also used with every layer of wall putty. Over all, wall putty is a must product at the sites of construction these days.


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