Block bonding adhesive is a ready to use strengthful adhesive which is used for firm laying of blocks. Block joining mortar is widely being used for fixing various types of blocks. Block bonding adhesive is a mixture of cement, polymers and graded sand and is processed under the guidance of experts or professionals. Block joining mortar is a very popular product because of its amazing qualities. Many different materials of constructions can be bonded by this premixed product. The capacity of bearing the load is also strengthen by Block bonding adhesive. It has made block fixing easier and effective. Although, Block joining mortar has innumerable qualities, but some of the major qualities are given below.

  • Water resistant
  • Block bonding adhesive is a premixed mixture so it saves a lot of time at site as it just needs water to be added.
  • Block joining mortar also works well on light weight blocks.
  • Provides strong bonding to the blocks.
  • Block bonding adhesive prevents dampness also.
  • Economically good
  • Block joining mortar provides excellent coverage.
  • Thin joints which prevents transfer of heat through walls.
  • Crack and shrinkage resistant
  • Wastage is nil while using Block bonding adhesive.
  • Amazing durability.
  • Suitable to both interior and exterior.
  • Cost effective.
  • Improve strength of tensile.

Block bonding adhesive is suitable to many substrates like cellular concrete blocks, cement mortar bricks, fly ash bricks etc.


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