How to calculate the estimation of wall putty?

Estimate requirement of wall putty


Wall putty is among the most used products for construction work. Before the painting on  a surface, wall putty is used on plastered walls as a primary coat. Wall putty is being used for filling fine cracks and pores. There are many types of wall putty available in the market. The estimation of Wall Putty can be decided according to the plastered wall surface.  The coverage of wall putty totally depends on smoothness of surface, quantity of water added at the time of mixing and applying also matters.

By calculating the paintable area, you can easily calculate the estimation of wall putty. If the finishing of surface is rough then there will be needed three coats to get a perfect finishing on walls. Applicator’s skills also play a major role in the coverage of wall putty. Two coats of wall putty is considered ideal way of application.

If you want to calculate the estimation of wall putty for entire house, then a general multiplier can be used for carpet area’s 12%. If the surface has been prepared freshly without any paint, then it will be needed minimum 2 coats of putty. For example, if you are having wall of square feet area 400 then you will be needed a bag of wall putty of about 40 kg. If you are having carpet area of 1200 square feet then you will be needed 144kg of wall putty. Cost of putty includes both labour and material cost which varies at different locations.

If you have any confusion regarding the estimation then you can buy a 5kg pack of wall putty and can try for sample at your construction site.


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