Sand Gradation: Key differentiate between Conventional and Ready Mix Plaster


A plaster is considered to be the skin of your walls. Just like skin protects our muscles and internal body from all external factors, a plaster must protect the masonry work from weather changes and exterior forces to ensure its longevity, for which it must be strong, compact and at the same time breathable enough.

If you are given a task to fill a glass of water completely with bigger stones, I am sure that you would fail to do so since a lot of space would be left out, for which you’ll require smaller stones and still if some space is left out fine sand can do the job. The said example clearly shows how important graduation is, to make something compact and eliminate all the voids. Same is the case with plaster, a fine gradation of sand of various particles sizes will not only help the plaster become compact but will also help your walls stay young for a longer duration.

Sand gradation is generally not possible on site since it requires a set-up where sand of various sizes needs to be segregated and then mixed in desired proportion, which in fact is taken care in the manufacturing of Readymix Plaster, where with the use of advanced machineries and silo/bin system sand gradation is maintained as per IS 1542:1992.

Magic Plast – Ready Mix Plaster by Magicrete Building Solutions Pvt Ltd. is one such product where the gradation of sand is given prime importance to ensure that end customer gets benefited to the max.


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