Ready mix plaster is one of the most popular products which are being used at construction sites. Ready mix plaster is well known for saving time and hassle free construction. It allows construction to be done smoothly. In Ready mix plaster, there is only need to add clean water and it is ready to use.

It is manufactured with high quality raw material which enhances its strength. The colour of ready mix plaster is grey. It is aggregated by graded sand. The basic binder which is being used in manufacturing ready mix plaster is finest quality cement. High standard additives which are soluble in water are also added to this premixed solution. Binders of good quality makes it a very strong solution. Best raw material make ready mix plaster a very durable product. Maintenance is not needed for ratio of mortar.  Rebounding is least with ready mix plaster.

Ready mix plaster considered as a cost-effective product. Ready mix plaster increase the life of paint that is why it cuts the cost of maintenance and repairing. Ready mix plaster also gives excellent coverage. It is a must premixed solution for all construction sites.


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