Ready mix plaster is a commonly used versatile product in construction industry. Ready mix plaster prevents wastage of time and cost which used to happen while mixing mortar at job site.  Ready mix plaster is produced in high quality and specially designed ready mix plaster plant. Ready mix plaster plant can be fully or semi-automatic having simple to complex machineries for precise weighing of binders, fillers and additives. There are innumerable benefits of ready mix plaster plant.

Ready Mix Plaster Plant uses binders like cement, gypsum, lime, Portland cement, clay lime hydrated lime, etc. In ready mix plaster plant, the sand is cleaned and washed before the process of mixing which enhances the strength of mortar. The sand is mixed excellently with special mixing container or mixing tools. This plant saves the wastage of sand also. Due to cleaning of sand, the quality of plaster increases and gives smooth finish.

There is no need of stocking in excess, exact quantity can be purchased for required amount of mortar. In ready mix plaster plant, chemicals can be added to avoid water curing. With ready mix plaster plant, availability of mortar will always be there. In some of the ready mix plaster plants there is a self-cleaning system also. Maintenance and servicing of this plant is also very simple.


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