Wall Putty Making Formula

Wall Putty making and the role of polymers


Wall putty is a mineral and white cement based putty. It is being used for both internal and exterior walls as it gives smoothness and finishing to the walls. Wall putty is commonly used for filling the holes or dents on any masonry surface. Wall putty provides an ideal base for painting. Wall putty consists of dolomite, high quality polymers and white cement. It is like a dough or clay at the time of application.

Dolomite is known to be a carbonate of calcium and magnesium. Dolomite is considered as an essential mineral for making wall putty. In India, we can find the highest quality dolomite because it has less silica. Polymers which are added to the wall putty enhance its quality. All ingredients of wall putty makes it a stronger product. Wall putty is very durable and has excellent adhesiveness. Amazing ingredients prevent fungi and algae on walls. Wall putty prevents the dampening and flaking of paint. Wall putty is popular for bringing glossy and smooth finish to the wall surface.

Additives which are used in manufacturing wall putty makes it water resistant so it can also be applied on moist surface. White cement of high quality is being used in formulation of wall putty. Wall putty has become an essential product for construction industry.


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