What is the difference between grey cement and white cement?

Grey Cement vs White Cement


Nowadays, Grey cement and white cement are widely being used. There are some chemical and physical differences between grey cement and white cement. Grey cement appears grey and white cement appears white because of a pigment present in both which is the reason for different colours. Although, performance wise both are same but still they can be compared on some terms like fineness, raw material, uses, cost, setting time and strength.

Raw materials of white cement contain very less amount of manganese oxide and iron oxide whereas raw materials of grey cement contain high amount of chromium, iron compound and manganese in comparison to white cement. Energy consumed by white cement is comparatively more than the energy consumed in grey cement. White cement gives better finishing than grey cement because it is considered finer. Because of fineness and whiteness of white cement, it is mainly used in exterior and interior decorations, structural beauty, floorings etc. Grey cement is widely being used in bridges, high-rise buildings, flyovers, industrial and residential complexes and dams.

Grey cement is a very cost-effective element which is being used at construction sites. But, white cement is expensive than grey cement due to its complicated manufacturing. That us why white cement is mostly used for finishing purposes. Hence, its clear that both grey and white cement is different at many terms.


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