What is the difference between Gypsum Plaster and Cement Plaster?

Gypsum Plaster vs Cement Plaster


Plastering has been used from a long time to cover the surface and to protect it from atmospheric conditions. It makes the appearance of structure better. Nowadays, construction industry has many new technologies which can make the process of construction better and faster.

Gypsum plastering and cement plastering both are very old techniques. But the composition of both plasters are different from each other. Cement plaster is made up of sand, Portland cement and water whereas gypsum plaster is not used as Portland cement because it is consider as a binder. Cement plaster works excellently on both external and interior surfaces. On the other hand, Gypsum plaster can only be used in ceilings and interior walls and it is not meant for wet areas.

Cement plaster is not considered safe from fungus, moulds etc. As it can condensed the walls but gypsum plaster is an Anti-fungus plaster and it does not get affected by any insects. Cement plaster is not made for smooth surfaces and gypsum plaster works amazingly on both smooth and rough surfaces. Cement plaster is generally mixed at sites by unskilled labour which increases the chances of imperfection and non- accuracy whereas gypsum plaster is available as a premixed solution which saves time and labour. Cement plaster is not good at giving finishing to the surface as it gives rough surface but gypsum plaster gives very smooth finish which makes it compatible for paints.

Wastage is high while applying cement plaster and less while applying gypsum plaster. Cement plaster can develop shrinkage but gypsum plaster prevents shrinkage.

Above discussed comparison of Cement plaster and gypsum plaster shows that both have different advantages but one must consider the best quality plaster only.


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