Which cement is better PSC or PPC?

Portland Slag Cement and Portland Pozzolanic Cement


Different types of cements are manufactured for different purposes which completely meet the chemical and physical requirements. PPC and PSC both have different qualities and both are blended cements. PSC stands for Portland Slag Cement and PPC stands for Portland pozzolanic cement. Slag in PSC, is a non-metallic substance which comprises of 90% glass with aluminosilicates of lime and silicates. Whereas, PPC have pozzolanic as its main ingredient but it should be used in certain proportion. Pozzolona is an artificial or natural material which contains reactive form of silica. Some pozzolanic materials which being used are silica fumes, volcanic ash, fly ash, calcined clay etc.

PSC is considered as the most suitable or accessible for good concrete strength, mass constructions, concrete pavements etc. PSC is resistant to sulphate and chloride attacks. On the other hand, PPC is not meant for sea shores or coastal areas as it is unsafe from weathering conditions and erosion. For the surface which is exposed to weather conditions, PSC is the most suitable option. PSC lessens the risk of shrinkage cracks and cracking.

Strength gain is less in PPC and it is also not suitable for concrete of high performance and quick concrete setting whereas PSC brings ultimate strength and excellent finish. PSC can be used for marine constructions, Dams, water retaining structures, concrete flyovers and roads, foundation construction etc. PSC is more eco-friendly than PPC.

From the above discussion, it is understood that PSC is better than PPC in many ways. Although, it also depends on one’s requirements.


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